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The simple, secure and futureproof solution for connected devices and Near-Field Communication (NFC) services.

Turn any of your products into a connected device today. Certified banking and passport grade security ensures the highest standards of safety.



Our Services

DIGISEQ’s versatile platform enables a suite of services to be provisioned on any object.

Choose any combination of capabilities to be imbued within your product.



What we do.


Are you a wearable maker?

We collaborate with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to unite pay-tech and fashion. Across a wide range of brands, we currently enable over 100 different products.

Here are some of the brands we support.

Do you want to turn your product into wearable tech?

Our invisible tech enables quality accessories for instant payments.

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We enabled the world’s first tokenised payment service for passive wearables, together with MasterCard.

Keen to be an issuing bank?

Improve your customers’ experience by enabling lightning-quick contactless payments on wearable tech provisioned with your customers’ bank accounts.

Here’s what’s buzzing about us.


Do you own a DIGISEQ-enabled device? Manage it with Manage-Mii, the management mobile app from DIGISEQ.


We are one of a selected few certified digital enablers of Mastercard, along with Apple and Paypal.



Certified passport and banking grade security.



Seamless integration with existing products, with no disruption to manufacturing or distribution.



Envisioning future technologies and priming to support their delivery.

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