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The management app for Payment Ready wearables. Have a unified interface for all your devices.


About Manage-Mii

Manage all of your wearables using one app - independent of the brand – with Manage-Mii, a management app created by DIGISEQ. We are the NFC service provider that enables your wearables and infrastructure with payment, access, and provenance functionalities.


Managing your device is simple.

Our one-stop mobile platform allows you to add a service to your device, track your service’s activity, change your bank details paired with your wearable, or even disable your payment features.


Why do I need to add wearables in the app?

When you buy a wearable payment device in store, your bank account is not yet provisioned into your wearable. With the Manage-Mii app, you can provision your wearable (transfer your bank details onto your wearable payment device) quickly and seamlessly.

What happens if services on my wearable are not working?

Contact us via the Manage-Mii app. This removes the need to contact each brand’s customer service, especially if you own multiple wearable payment devices by different brands. We can get the information you need for you and get it fixed.

Can I have different devices being linked to different bank accounts?

Yes you can. Just tell us which bank details you want to get transferred onto a device of your choice. Our platform allows you to conveniently and easily personalise your devices to you and your needs. 


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