Join the world of wearable payments as fashion meets pay-tech.

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We connect you to the whole ecosystem.

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We work with chipmakers, issuing banks, payment service providers, wearable makers and partner with Mastercard closely to enable tokenisation.

We fulfill the entire provisioning process - and beyond.


We request Mastercard tokens on behalf of issuing banks.

Note: A token is a replacement of your customer’s Primary Account Number, reducing the risk of fraud.


As a Trusted Service Manager that is PCI CP compliant, we can prepare and deliver your customers’ data into any payment approved chip.


We have attained the necessary approvals, forged the key relationships, and have tested and proven a go-to-market strategy. Now, let’s get you running.

We are proud to be a Mastercard Engage-qualified partner.

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Together with Mastercard, we enabled the world’s first tokenised payment service for passive wearables.

Customers can make fuss-free payments with a simple tap of their NFC wearable, which links directly to their current account.

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