Be a bank ready for wearable tech.

We partner with banks to bring customers’ accounts straight onto their wearables.

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Enhance your customers’ payment experience

Contactless wearable payments are swift and seamless. Offer your banking customers convenience and flexibility.

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Access a wide range of brands in our portfolio

With over 100 different payment devices in our portfolio, your customers can enjoy the freedom of choice to select from an array of payment form factors.

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Designed to scale

Our provisioning service is compatible with both e-commerce and retail channels. Your customers can purchase a personalised device whichever way they want.

Have your bank accounts provisioned on any form factor.

We currently enable over 100 different products of any design or size.

Here are some of the brands we support.

We enabled the world’s first tokenised payment service for passive wearables, together with Mastercard.

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We keep your clients’ data safe

As one of a selected few digital enablers of Mastercard, our MDES-integrated provisioning platform is PCI CP compliant. We are approved under the Mastercard GVCP programme and authorised to generate consumer account data and distribute them remotely to wearables.

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payment wearable watch

We’ve built the infrastructure. Just join us and scale.

Talk to us or your Mastercard account manager to access the myriad of brands on our platform.

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