Be Provenane ready

Counterfeits cost global markets billions every year. Strengthen your brand integrity with DIGISEQ’s Provenance service. We protect and guarantee the provenance of your product at its edge - from its inception and throughout its lifetime.

guaranteeing provenance for art

Our Provenance Service

We use Near-Field Communication (NFC) tech to write provenance data into an NFC smart chip embedded within your product.

Provenance data is written remotely into the chip not before, not after, but at the exact point of time when your product is being certified authentic.

The provenance of your product can be verified anytime, anywhere, with a simple tap of an NFC-enabled device.

guaranteeing provenance for high value items
Digi at globe.png
Writing data into golden globe trophy with NFC reader



“The most innovative aspect of the trophy”


verifying authenticity of golden globe trophy with nfc device

DIGISEQ GUARANTEED THE PROVENANCE OF THE golden globe awards, ensuring that each trophy was unique and authentic - a world’s first.

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guaranteeing provenance for equipment

Guaranteeing provenance can be a seamless process.

Whether you sell luxury products, high value equipment or art pieces, DIGISEQ’s Provenance service is seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process and customers’ experience. We guide you from end to end – from chip selection through to live deployment.

Protect your brand integrity.