Turn your product into wearable payment tech.

End to end service for wearable makers

We provide you with an end-to-end solution.

We connect you to chipmakers, issuing banks and get you certified with Mastercard so that your product adheres to the strictest security standards.

Our end-to-end service provides the full set of functions to get you to market swiftly and cost effectively – from chip selection through to live deployment.

Whether you sell via e-commerce or retail, enabling payments is seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing & distribution.

Enjoy cost benefits and flexibility on our platform.


We are the first company in the world to fulfill the entire provisioning service of tokenised accounts - from data generation and delivery into the smart NFC chips embedded within your products, to requesting tokens from Mastercard. This allows us to work with any Mastercard certified chip and operating system, which translate to cost-savings and flexibility for you.

We partner with the best chipmakers in the world.

We take care of your customers’ journey.

Customer Using Manage-Mii

Your customers can manage their wearable products using Manage-Mii, a device management app made by DIGISEQ.

Our one-stop mobile platform allows users to add a service to their device, track their service’s activity, change their bank details paired with their wearables, or even to disable payment features.

Our Payment Products

Provision your wearable products with lightning-quick & reliable contactless payment capabilities in flexible ways.



Have your customers’ bank account provisioned directly onto your wearable device.


Customers can top up a balance on your wearable device.


We enable products of any design or size.

Across a wide range of brands, we currently enable over 100 different products.

Here are some of the brands we support:

We’ve built the infrastructure. Just join us and scale.

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